Land development Gloucester Crescent, South Wigston, Leicester

SI Properties instructed One Building Solution Ltd to carry out architectural design for a proposed bungalow to be constructed on a site they acquired. One Building Solution Ltd, provided the client with full and detailed working drawings for the submission of Planning and Building Regulations application.

On successfully gaining the required approvals, One Building Solution Ltd continued to provide the client with further alternative design solutions, technical and legislative support along with site quality monitoring during construction phase of the scheme.

Our approach

We worked on and delivered a number of scheme proposals for a single dwelling; however this option did not prove to be economically viable for the client. Working with the client we provided further scheme proposals for two dwellings to be built on the site and carried out planning consultation which further gained approval.

Working and detailed drawings were then issued to the client for final budget costs and construction works. Although we were employed by SI Properties (the client / Developer / Contractor) we provided them with an independent and non biased construction and workmanship monitoring during the construction phase along with snagging and final inspection of the properties 

Client benefits 

  • Sector knowledge and expertise were part of the advice provided to the client.
  • Preliminary scheme designs enabled the client to make an informed decision on switching from a single to a two dwelling scheme.
  • The combined role of Designer and Monitoring Surveyor provided the client with consistent technical advice and professional consultancy.