Our Building Services


We can provide you with a design / drawing service to tailor your needs and requirements. From drawing up existing layouts your premises to providing you with feasibility layout out design to full working and detail drawings required for space planning, extensions, refurbishment, conversions and new build. To accompany these drawings as specification of works and workmanship clauses can be written and provided.



Following full scheme design, we are able to provide you with a further extended service and able to act as your representative in administrating the contract between you and the chosen building contractor along with full project management services, development monitoring and quality control.


All building materials have a life expectancy and in order to maintain buildings and ensure they comply with current statutory and legal legislation, we are able to advise you of your responsibilities and how to best maintain your property on a planned programmed basis. We will carry out the required surveys / audits and provide you with recommendations to be addressed as immediate actions or over 5, 10 or 15 year period along with compiling the required information to be submitted for planning permission and building regulations.


Following the building cycle you as the building owner, landlord or tenant may wish to acquire or dispose of a building. We are able to provide you with the required report or service to assist you with obtaining the best financial outcomes / settlement through our technical support and advise.