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Grill Shack

Service provided: One Building Acquisition, Dilapidation Survey.

We were commissioned by Grill Shack to undertake a survey and prepare a Schedule of Condition at the pre-lease stage on a takeaway restaurant for the ingoing Tenant – Grill Shack. We identified a number of  defects and advised that these would be a liability during the Lease term. Having flagged-up this issue, the Tenant was able to negotiate and ensure that the repairs became the Landlord’s responsibility – removing this substantial liability.

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Service provided: One Building Acquisition, Acquisition Survey / Technical Due Diligence.

Emmaus Leicestershire & Rutland (established in 2012) is a homelessness charity with a difference, providing more than just a bed for the night for people who have experienced homelessness and social exclusion.

For many people who experience homelessness, one of the biggest obstacles they must overcome is a loss of self-esteem. Emmaus provides an opportunity to regain this, with a chance to make a real contribution to their community.

Emmaus is not hostel for the homeless; it provides a home for as long as someone needs it. Our primary service consists of the provision of managed accommodation with 24/7 on site support; advice and guidance and referrals to specialist agencies offering support.

For many, this support and stability is like the family they don’t have, providing a safe environment in which to settle and rebuild their lives. Often this is an opportunity to overcome issues such as addiction, get support with mental health issues or rebuild relationships with estranged family.

Emmaus is not about giving hand-outs, it’s about providing an opportunity for each individual to work to overcome homelessness. Social enterprise is central to the Emmaus model as it provides meaningful work for companions.

Emmaus provide holistic support for adults who have been previously homeless and who might also experience a range of other negative circumstances; for example they might be ex-offenders, drug and alcohol users or the victims of domestic violence. Most will experience mental and physical ill health and be economically dependent on state benefits.

Emmaus also help Companions to develop social and life skills so that they can move on from our support to lead sustainable and fulfilling lives. Critical to this objective is helping Companions to find permanent accommodation.


Service provided: One Building Acquisition, Acquisition Survey / Technical Due Diligence.

Emmaus are looking at consolidating their operations of their community home and social enterprises onto a single site. The plan is to integrate the 3 adjoining buildings into a single coordinated site for our social enterprise operations and a community home for our companions.

One Building Solution Ltd were commissioned to carry out a pre acquisition survey and issued a report along with budget cost for day one repairs and planned maintenance over a 10 year period for 3 nr buildings Emmaus are aiming to purchase. The reports highlighted the condition of the buildings, the risk in purchasing them, the cost of the repairs and will essentially provide the Emmaus with the relevant information in order for them to make an informed decision on whether to purchase the properties or not.

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Thurnby Rangers FC

Service provided: One Building Design

We have been commissioned as property consultants for the ground improvements and upgrade works to Thurnby Rangers FC. To date we have carried out scheme designs for ground improvements and a new extension and refurbishment works the exiting club house.